Watch Winder? What And Why

When your watch stop running, and you must go through the hassle of rewinding it, did you ever recommended by your colleague to own a box for automatic watch or so called watch winder? But you don’t know what it is?

Don’t be panic, because we will discuss the watch box for automatic watches in this article. So let’s straight to it.

Watch Winder History

This beautifully made box for automatic watch is first created by a watch pioneer john hardwood around the first decade of the 20th century because his self-winding automatic watch gains popularity in the face of the watch collector and to prove that his automatic watch movement is worked.

And following the watch popularity, the watch winder becomes the most significant device for their automatic watch collection as john hardwood’s creation can be used for up to 12 watches at the same time.

How Watch Winder Works

Watch winder is a device that people use to winding their watch when they are not wearing the watch for a long time or if they had a couple of watches in their possession.

To wind a watch, watch winder uses a rotor rotation mechanism inside. Even some watch box for automatic watch has a feature to adjust the number of turns that are set every day or commonly called turns per day (tpd).

And not only that, when you use the watch winder to winding your watch, the hour hand will automatically run like when you use it on your wrist. When the watch holder in the winder move and rotating your watch, the weighted part of the rotor will stay below and will winding the mainspring. The movement is what power up your watch.

For Your Infomation!

Although the way the watch box for automatic watch works is quite sophisticated, the watch winder cannot be used for manual mechanical watches or Quartz. Watch winder can only be used on watches that use rotors, such as Seiko’s Kinetic and Spring Drive or any automatic watch by Rolex. And to see if the winder is set correctly or not, you can check the watch once every 48 hours.

So, to own a box for automatic watch may be something you need if you have a self-winding  automatic watch and don’t feel the need to go through the process of rewind your watch when you decide to use it again or you just want to have your watch ready at any time. Either way, always choose the best specifications for your watch and you are ready to go.

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